Policies, Procedures, Rules & Regulations   (Revised 12/1/2022)


The McHenry Jr. Warriors play in the Greater Suburban Basketball Association. The GSBA is a high school feeder program for boys basketball. Since this is a private voluntary organization, and not government funded, it is not subject to Title IX regulations.





Age Requirement:  The age eligibility date for the 2023 season shall be December 3, 2023.

        5th Grade players shall not reach their 12th birthday before this date

        6th Grade players shall not reach their 13th birthday before this date

        7th Grade players shall not reach their 14th birthday before this date

        8th Grade players shall not reach their 15th birthday before this date

Residency:  No player shall be allowed to play if he lives outside of the high school district that his team represents. This rule includes sons of teachers or coaches who work for the district. Each district must enforce this rule to the best of their ability.



Only IHSA registered ("patched") officials should officiate the basketball games. No parents, coaches or directors should officiate under normal circumstances. Outside officials lend more integrity to the games, and there is less chance for perceived bias. An exception is 5th grade games, where refs who help teach are encouraged and patched referees are not required.



No feeder team shall have more than one roster, i.e. tourney team and a feeder team. A copy of your roster (i.e. game book) should be exchanged with each opposing team that you play.



1.      Games should be confirmed via a phone call with the opposing team the week prior to a game. Confirmation of games prevents scheduling mishaps and accommodates the inevitable scheduling changes.

2.      Game management is the responsibility of the home team. Unless previously arranged, the home team shall be responsible for arranging referees, providing a timekeeper & scorekeeper, and keeping the game scorebook. It is recommended that home teams make available a first aid kit and ice.

3.      Unless otherwise stated herein, all rules of IHSA are to be followed and adhered to.

4.      Only man-to-man defense shall be played at the 5th, 6th and 7th grade levels. Zone defense may be played at the 8th grade level without advance notice to the opposing team, although man-to-man is strongly recommended.

5.      A full court zone or man-to-man press is allowed in the backcourt. The pressing team must return to man-to-man defense once the offensive team has crossed the half-court line for the 6th and 7th grade levels. No pressing at all is allowed at the 4th or 5th grade level.

6.      No press defenses with a 15 point or greater lead.

7.      Half-court pressing in the forecourt is not allowed, although temporary double-teaming out of a man-to-man defense is allowed.

8.      Bonus rule is 1 and 1 on the 7th team foul. Super bonus (2 shots) on the 10th team foul.

9.      Three point shots are awarded anytime at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels.

10.  Quarters are 7 minutes for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. 5th grade may use the same durations if both coaches agree before start of game.

11.  Team rosters shall have no more than 15 players. All players suited must play in the game, unless injured. Players may play up in grade, but not down. For example, a 7th grade player may play for the 8th grade, but never in a 6th grade game.

12.  In the event of a tie game at the end of regulation there shall be a 2 minute overtime for 6th grade, 3 minutes for 7th and 8th grades. Possession at the start of overtime follows the possession arrow.

13.  Halftime shall be 5 minutes in duration.

14.  The “Mercy Rule” is 20 points and is only enforced in the 4th quarter.  Once the “Mercy Rule” is enforced, a running clock will also be enforced and remain throughout the game’s entirety.

15.  Special rules for 4th/5th Grade ONLY: (Note: The GSBA does not maintain special rules for the 4th/5th grade. Rules at the 4th/5th grade level may vary from district to district. The following 4th/5th Grade Only rules are encouraged for all games where McHenry 4th/5th grade teams play. It is the responsibility of the coaches before game time to confer with each other and the referees on what rules will be applied during the game)

a.  At the 5th grade level ONLY the defensive team shall stay behind a line extended from the top of the arc to each sideline for 5 seconds after the offensive team crosses the half court line, or until the offense penetrates that same line. After the 5 seconds the defensive team may step up and play normal man-to-man defense. This is done to help 5th grade teams get a half-court offense set in place without defensive pressure. Coaches are encouraged to review this rule with the referee and each other prior to the start of the game.

b.  No pressing at all allowed at 4th/5th grade level

c.  4th/5th grade games will have two 20 minute halves with a running clock, including thru free throws. The clock is stopped during the last minute of each half.

d.  Games tied at the end of regulation play will be settled by "sudden victory", i.e. the first team that scores in the overtime period will be declared the winner.

16. Recommended scheduling:     weekday games 4th→ 5th → 6th → 7th → 8th        weekend games   8th → 7th → 6th→ 5th→ 4th

17. Referees fees are the responsibility of the host (Home) team. Fees should be split between the teams when only one game between the teams is scheduled. The home team has the responsibility to inform the opposing team in advance.


Direct all concerns, problems and inquiries to the McHenry Jr Warriors Board of Directors first. If satisfactory resolution is not brought about you may contact your conference representative. If a resolution is then not brought about then the Executive Board may be contacted for a ruling.